DIY Wrapped Lampshade

If you have thrifted an old lampshade in dire need of a refresh, try this minimalist DIY Lampshade Makeover. Wrapping a natural string around the frame is an easy way to japandi-fy your lamp. For this DIY project, I had an old wicker lampshade so I’ve included a step-by-step to show you how to strip wicker off the lampshade frame.

Wrapped Lampshade Makeover

I’ve given this dresser a refresh since. Check out the new and improved version in the Mid-Century dresser Makeover post, it was much needed…!

Wrapped Lampshade Makeover

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For this DIY Lampshade Makeover, you’ll need…

  • Old wicker lampshade
  • Wooden lamp base
  • Paper string or jute yarn
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors

Step 1: Strip the lampshade

Thrifted wicker lampshade

This is the lampshade I started with. Wicker lampshades can be amazing but this particular one just felt so flat with its sad coat of white paint. Not so Grandmillenial, just Grand-boring…

While it looked daunting at first because it’s so solid, it’s actually easy to strip the wicker of the frame.

To start, you need to figure out where the vertical metal frame is. My lampshade had 3 metal posts holding up the lampshade. They tend to look thicker so they’re easy to spot. Cut the panels between the metal posts with your craft knife.

Once you’re done, you’ll be left with the metal frame covered in rattan. Unwrap the rattan. This is the easiest yet time-consuming task. Treat it like meditation – the kind of meditation where you’re allowed to hack at things with your craft knife when needed…

Step 2: Wrap the frame

Here comes the fun part. Wrapping the lampshade frame works up very quickly! To begin, knot your paper string to the top hoop of the frame, like in Picture 1. I added a bit of masking tape to make sure the knot wouldn’t slip. Place the lampshade in front of you and bring the ball of yarn down to the bottom hoop of the frame. Loop the yarn around twice like in Picture 2. Bring the ball of yarn up and over the top hoop. Repeat this pattern, making sure the string remains tight.

As you work your way around the frame, you’ll eventually come so close to the next metal post that it will be hard to slide in your ball of string. At this point, you can cut out a small piece of cardboard and wrap some string around it. This will allow you to continue wrapping close to the metal post.

Once you make it to the post, just wrap over it as much as you can. Don’t worry about the small gaps, they will be almost invisible on the finished lampshade.

Step 3: Reassemble the lamp

Now that you have japandified your lampshade, it’s time to screw it back onto its base. The plainer the base, the better for this minimalist style. I had a wooden lamp base I wanted to upcycle in some way until I realized it was gorgeous just the way it was. Yes, sometimes less DIY is better than more…

If you have an old lamp base that genuinely needs a refresh, try painting it with an earthy color like terracotta to pair it with this minimalist lampshade.

What do you think of this DIY Lampshade Makeover? Ready for some wrapping?

Wrapped Lampshade Makeover

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