Move over square frames, we want more interesting shapes and textures to highlight our prints! I’m joking square frames, don’t take it seriously, we love you. It’s just that sometimes rectilinear shapes can get boring and introducing diversity really elevates a wall composition. This DIY bead frame is a super simple way to add an element of liveliness to the walls. It’s also an easy way to play around with cheap prints to update your interior. Read on to find out how to make this wooden bead frame with a few easy macrame knots and a plain cotton tassel…

DIY wooden bead frame

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For this DIY bead frame, you’ll need…

Step 1: Make the bead frame

To start, cut a length of wire. Pick a size you want, mine was about 20 inches. If you have a print already, then make sure the frame fits nicely around it. Add a few inches above your desired size to have enough wire to close the frame.

Shape the wire into a smooth circle and slide in a big bead. On each side, slide in slightly smaller beads. Continue inserting smaller and smaller beads until a couple of inches before the ends of the wire.

DIY wooden bead frame

Once you have enough beads, bend one end of the wire with pliers to make a loop. Insert the other end, pull the frame tight and bend it closed.

DIY wooden bead frame

Step 2: Knot a macrame loop

In order to both hide the metal wire and hang the frame, we need to create a loop. It’s actually really easy, promise!

To start, take a length of cotton cord and slide in to make a few loops of the same size, like in the pictures above. The idea here is to knot around those loops, essentially this is just padding for macrame knots!

Once the cords are in place, you can start knotting around them. Start at the base on one side and make a half hitch knot like in picture 1. Continue making half hitch knots, pulling tight, until you reach the end of the loop like in picture 4. Once you are done, tie the two tails together to secure the macrame loop and cut short (picture 5 and 6).

Step 3: Attaching the print

To begin, cut a circle in cardboard to fit the frame. Be really precise with the dimensions, you want the beads to be able to hide the cardboard. Take your print or, well, print it! I printed a nice tropical line drawing from Canva. Cut the print to fit the cardboard base and glue it on.

DIY wooden bead frame

Heat up your glue gun and draw a line around the edges of the cardboard base. Lay your bead frame on top and press it into the glue.

Step 4: Adding the tassel

To finish the DIY bead frame, wrap some cotton cord around a piece of cardboard to make a tassel. Slide the top threads of your tassel into the biggest bead at the bottom of the frame and knot at the back. Maybe add a drop of glue, just to be sure… Don’t feel obligated, I have a pathological need to ensure everything is secured on tight and won’t break!

Do experiment with a few different prints that would fit your interior. I had this vision of old-timey tropical line drawings so I rolled with it. Try out some botanical drawings or whimsical watercolor paintings with flowers, I’m sure it would look great!

Let me know what you think of this DIY Bead Frame in the comments below!

DIY wooden bead frame

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