DIY straw hat lampshade

This straw hat lampshade DIY is such an easy hack. I LOVE big floppy hats and I love enormous lampshades! It’s pretty natural that, at some point, I was going to try to combine those… I was browsing around for a lampshade for my new living room and realized that all the designs I liked were straw or bamboo-based and wavy – suspiciously similar to the hat collection in my barely unpacked wardrobe… If I’m tempted to buy a lampshade that looks just like a hat, I might as well try to make it, right?

If you’re a lover of attention-seeking lampshades like me, you’re going to want to try this DIY. Grab your scissors and your glue gun because that’s all it takes! You might want to shop around for a hat if you don’t want to take a blade to your hat collection – no judgment, I’m also very protective of my hats. I got this one from Amazon, it wouldn’t be very comfortable to wear but, for a lampshade, it is surprisingly sturdy and I love the extra-large brim.

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For this Straw Hat Lampshade DIY, you’ll need…


straw hat

1 First, take apart your cord set. The light bulb socket should unscrew into 2 pieces. Keep the bottom detachable piece as a cutting guide. Next, you will need to cut a hole at the top of the hat. This is where the lampshade will hang from. I started by cutting an X with a utility knife and then grabbed my scissors to create a round hole. Use the light bulb socket piece to make sure the hole you cut is big enough.

straw hat

2 Once you’re done with the hole and you’re sure the light bulb socket piece can fit in it properly, use your glue gun to secure the edges of the hole. This is to prevent the straw from unravelling.

straw hat

3 When the glue has cooled down, you can take the bottom piece of the light bulb socket and insert it in the hole you created.


4 In this step, you will turn over the hat and bring it up to the cord set hanging from the ceiling. Connect the bottom and upper pieces of the light bulb socket and start screwing them together. It might take some acrobatics if you picked an extra-large brim hat!

And you’re done! A designer lampshade for a fraction of the price in 4 easy steps.

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