Inspiration for a Spa Bathroom Refresh

Turn your bathroom into an at-home spa and beat the winter blues with these decor ideas

This is it, People! Winter has arrived, and with it, the winter blues. Once the end-of-year celebrations have come and gone, the long stretch of gloomy weather can feel like time has stopped. January in particular feels like we’re all being lied to. Surely 31 days can’t feel so endless.

Most people don’t feel their best during winter. Throughout the cold months, I seek refuge and restoration in the bathroom. Practicing self-care definitely lifts my routine.

Turning a bathroom into a peaceful haven only takes a few steps. Start by cleaning and decluttering: the spa aesthetic is spotless and minimalistic. If the tiles are outdated, a quick paint job with ceramic tile paint will do the trick.

Once you have a clean base for your spa bathroom, implement a few decor ideas. Think natural materials, clean, organic lines, and neutral tones. Remember, sage green is the new white!

White accessory setGlass bottle vase Reed diffuser Bath towels Oval bathroom mirror Brass wall sconce Oval braided rug Cotton & jute rug Live edge stool Woven basket Black faucet

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spa bathroom decor ideas

1. Ceramic & wood accessory set

Ceramic and wood bathroom accessory set

Bathroom accessory sets are usually treated as an after-thought, even though they sit so prominently on top of the sink cabinet. Go for natural materials and simple lines like this ceramic and bamboo set.

FIND IT HERE: Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set

2. glass bottle vase

Rounded glass bottle vase

After decluttering, you might find that you have A LOT more countertop space. Reserve it for a sculptural piece like this green-tinted glass bottle vase and fill it with greenery or branches.

FIND IT HERE: Glass Bottle Vase

3. amber glass reed diffuser

Add a reed diffuser to your spa bathroom decor

No spa bathroom inspiration list is complete without a reed diffuser. They come in all shapes and colors but I’m partial to amber glass for its apothecary feel. Protect your health and stay away from chemical fragrance. Go for a non-toxic version, like this reed diffuser with jasmine and lily essential oils.

FIND IT HERE: Craft & Kin Reed Diffuser

4. bamboo bath towels

bamboo cotton bath towels

If you need to renew your bath towels, opt for bamboo fabric, a more sustainable alternative to cotton. Bamboo is just as soft and breathable but requires no pesticide to grow. It’s also less water-intensive to produce than cotton.

FIND IT HERE: Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

5. gold rimmed oval mirror

Gold rimmed oval bathroom mirror

Changing the mirror in your bathroom can have a huge effect, especially when you go from builder-grade to this beautifully streamlined oval mirror. The gold rim is thin and discreet to not distract from the gloriously organic shape.

FIND IT HERE: Andy Star Oval Gold Mirror

6. brass wall sconce

Modern brass bathroom wall sconce

Pair the gold-rimmed mirror with a couple of brass wall sconces. The simple vertical lines will accentuate the shape of the mirror. Place them at mid-height on each side of the mirror for even face illumination.

FIND IT HERE: Kira Home Bathroom Wall Sconce

7. Oval Braided rug

Oval braided jute rug

Floors tend to offer a harsh perspective due to straight lines created by tiles. Pick an oval carpet, like this braided jute rug, to recall the mirror shape and soften your bathroom decor. The caramel tones also add some warmth that ties in with amber glass and dark cosmetic bottles.

FIND IT HERE: Braided Jute Rug in Caramel Brown

8. cotton & jute rug

Cotton and jute diamond rug

Who says you have to commit to ONE bathroom rug? Have some fun with different shapes and if you fall in love with two rugs, so be it! This cotton and jute rug provides a nice contrast to the oval caramel rug. The more neutral colors help blend in lighter wood like bamboo.

FIND IT HERE: Handwoven Cotton and Jute Diamond Rug

9. live edge stool

Cedar mushroom stool

This cedar mushroom stool has us obsessed! Creating an at-home spa bathroom is all about bringing nature in. What better way to add organic textures and shapes than a live edge stool?

FIND IT HERE: Welland Cedar Mushroom Stool


Woven bathroom storage basket

If you’re struggling with clutter, you probably need more storage. Banish the mess with this rounded woven basket that’ll inject natural texture in your bathroom decor.

FIND IT HERE: Water Hyacinth Storage Basket


Matte black bathroom faucet

Adding a touch of black in your decor provides contrast and enhances the neutral color scheme of a spa bathroom. This black sink faucet achieves this with utter style, with its modern lines and matte coating.

FIND IT HERE: KES Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

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