DIY spa bath tray

Guys, it’s winter, let’s cosy up! I’m a huge fan of bath throughout the year (the more bubbles, the better, let’s be honest) but a hot bath when it’s freezing outside is especially delightful. It’s such a calming experience, I try to make as spa-like as possible: nice soaps, bubbles, bath bombs, essential oils… And a DIY bath tray for the inevitable book 🙂

This bath caddy has simple lines and is very easy to make, provided you have a few power tools. The tassel detail is functional as it lets you hang the tray while it dries if needed or for storage.

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You’ll need…

Step 1: Cut the wood

DIY wooden bath tray

Using a jigsaw (or even a handsaw if you prefer), cut the lumber into the following pieces:

  • The main tray piece is 31″ by 6″ (measure your bathtub to ensure this is a suitable length for you)
  • Two pieces 6″ by 0.5″

Next, sand the large piece, along the sides and all corners, to make sure the tray is smooth and rounded. Sand the smaller pieces too without making the angles so round, just sand away any splinters.

DIY wooden bath tray

Using a drill, make a hole in one corner, about 1″ from the sides. I used the largest drill bit I had which was 0.4″. Sand the opening afterwards if the wood splintered a little.

Step 2: Stain & protect the wood

When all your pieces are ready, you can stain them. I used coffee which is my favourite way to stain wood. It gives it the lovely rich colour of exotic wood. You can use any stain you prefer for this DIY but if you want to go the coffee route, make sure you mix an extraordinarily strong coffee – about 2 tablespoons for 5 or 6 tablespoons of hot water. Let it cool down before you apply it to the wood.

Let your pieces dry thoroughly before applying protection. I waterproof wood with linseed oil because it’s non-toxic. It works great and enhances the colour of the wood. Let it absorb fully before moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Assemble the bath tray

DIY wooden bath tray

To attach the small pieces onto the main tray, I recommend you go and measure your bathtub to ensure the tray will fit properly. For my tub, I was able to place the small pieces 6″ from the ends of the tray.

When you have measured and traced where to place your small pieces to fit your bathtub, apply some wood glue and press them on the tray.

DIY wooden bath tray

Next, hammer in a few nails (stainless steel, you don’t want them to rust with the water!!). You could also use wood clamps instead but I’m aware not everybody owns them, so use nails as an alternative.

Step 4: Add the cotton tassel

To finish, cut 4 lengths of cotton cords about 20″. Braid them starting 6″ from the top and stop when there are 6″ left of cord. Insert the braid into the drilled hole and cut more length of cotton to make the tassel fuller. Next, bring all your bits of cord together and wrap some yarn around to secure the tassel. Comb through to loosen the cotton fibers.

Your bath tray is ready for some serious relaxing. Make a nice cup of green tea, pick your favorite soap, grab a good book and sit back…

Let me know how your DIY Spa Bath Tray turned out in the comments below!

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