Modern DIY Hanging Planter

Running out of space for your new plant babies? Take to the walls! There’s only so much counter space that can be occupied by planters. What is one supposed to do if they can’t stop themselves from adopting every plant that crosses their path… In our tiny bedroom, the nightstands have already been claimed but I want to add more greenery. I decided to create these DIY hanging planters in earthy shades that would compliment our new sage green bed frame.

Modern DIY Hanging Planter

I love a good macrame planter but our bedroom decor needed something with clean lines and a burst of color to draw the eye up an empty corner. The good news is that it’s a lot simpler to create a modern hanging planter! Just grab a simple plastic planter + some cotton cord and you’re halfway there!

Modern DIY Hanging Planter

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To make a DIY Hanging Planter, you’ll need…

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Step 1: Paint the plastic planters

Painting the plastic planters for the DIY Hanging Planters

To start off, paint your planters with matte paint. If you want to mimic the look of ceramic, go for earthy tones like terracotta or cream. Nothing wrong with a splash of color though, especially if it compliments the color scheme of your room!

Make sure you apply your paint using horizontal brush strokes to give your planter a hand-turned pottery look. The end result is far more natural than vertical brush strokes!

Step 2: Add the cotton cords

Piercing holes into the plastic planter to hang the cords

Now, hold your plastic planter with one hand and use a sharp knife or shears to pierce 3 holes around the top of the planter.

Tip: if you’re not sure how to evenly place the 3 holes, draw a large triangle on a piece of paper. Turn your planter upside down and place it over the triangle. Create pencil marks at each tip of the triangle: you’ll have 3 evenly spaced out marks for your holes!

Next, cut 3 lengths of cotton cords, at least 2 to 3 feet long (60 to 90cm). The length depends on how long or short you’d like your DIY hanging planter to be. Hold up a piece of cord to gauge the length that’s right for you. Remember to add a few inches for knots!

Insert the ends of the cords into the holes (a needle threader helps a lot!) and knot the ends.

Step 3: Attach the cords to the wooden ring

Knotting the DIY hanging planter cotton cords to the wooden ring

You now have 3 long pieces of cotton cords coming out of your planters. Hold them up, right above the planter, and knot the ends around a wooden ring.

Hold up the planter by the ring and check whether the planter is straight. If it seems wonky, identify the offending cord and adjust it by pulling it tighter. This may require a few adjustments depending on your eyeballing proficiency 😉

Knotting the DIY hanging planter cotton cords to the wooden ring

Finally, use a small length of cord to wrap around the knot under the wooden ring for a clean finish, and voila!

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Modern DIY Hanging Planter

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