DIY Air Dry Clay & Woven Raffia Trivet

Everybody needs a good trivet. And with zero cooking skills, a good trivet is actually a good plant pot holder. In a (desperate) bid to hold to the last shreds of summer, I wanted to create a Boho Raffia Trivet that looks just as good whether or not you’re using it to hold your pots.

DIY Air Dry Clay & Woven Raffia Trivet

These raffia trivets are made with natural air-dry clay in both white and terracotta. You don’t need solid weaving skills or a full afternoon to craft them. It’s actually really easy and the raffia coiling works up so fast!

DIY Air Dry Clay & Woven Raffia Trivet

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To make a Raffia Trivet, you’ll need…

Step 1: Create the trivet centre piece

Start by rolling out a ball of natural air-dry clay until about 1/4″ (5 to 6 mm) thick. Place a bowl over it and use a sharp knife to cut around it. Remove the excess clay and use a bamboo skewer to poke holes around the edge of the clay disk.

Let the clay dry for at least 24 hours. Once dry, give the disk a light sanding to smooth out irregularities and coat it with a waterproof matte varnish.

Step 2: Cut the twine border

Cut twine long enough to fit around the raffia trivet centre piece

Jute twine will provide the core of the raffia border. Start by measuring a length of twine that goes around the trivet plus a few inches. Cut it short and add 6 other pieces of the same length.

Start wrapping raffia around the twine

Gather your 7 lengths of twine and start wrapping them with a piece of natural raffia for around 1″ (2.5cm).

Step 3: Weave the raffia around the trivet

Place your twine border against the edge of the clay trivet and loop the raffia into one of the holes. Next, wrap the raffia around the twine cords a couple of times and insert it into the same hole again.

Wrap the raffia twice around the bundle of twine and insert it into the same hole for the 3rd time. Then, simply wrap the raffia around the twine until you reach the next hole.

Continue weaving this pattern around the trivet:

  • Insert the raffia into the hole
  • Wrap the raffia around the twine cords twice
  • Insert the raffia into the same hole
  • Wrap the raffia around the twine cords twice
  • Insert the raffia into the same hole
  • Wrap around the twine until the next hole…

Step 4: Finish with a seamless joint

Once you’ve come full circle, stop about an inch from the beginning. You’ll have bits of twine coming out of the coiled raffia border on both sides.

Grab the twine on one side and cut 4 out of the 7 cords short. Repeat this step on the other side. Now, you’ll have 3 pieces of twine on each side.

Lay them on top of each other against the trivet and start wrapping around these 6 pieces. This joint is about the same thickness as the “normal” border. Continue wrapping as usual until you reach the end. Finally, tie the raffia at the back and cut it short.

And voila! Your new raffia trivet is ready to go. This calls for a fresh brew of green tea!

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DIY Air Dry Clay & Woven Raffia Trivet

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  1. So cute! If I made these bigger could they be a trivet on the dining table for pots of hot soup, for example? I’m wondering if the clay could withstand the heat of hot objects.

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