how to make hanging planters with color blocks

If you’re an enthusiastic plant parent, you will need this easy DIY plant hanger in your life as soon as possible. We’re probably facing the same critical issue here: too many plants, too little counter space… It’s a good decorating practice to treat tabletop as prime real estate. Crowding the top of your credenza or your console can quickly make your interior look cluttered and take away from the decor rather than elevate it. The solution? Learn how to make hanging planters!

You don’t need to know how to do macrame knots, you’ll simply be wrapping colorful yarn to tie this plant hanger together! I think I got in the mood for more color blocking after I shared these colorful napkin rings. The end result was really cool yet they were so easy to make, and so is this project. Read on to find out how to make hanging planters in a few easy steps!

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For this easy DIY hanging planter, you’ll need…

Step 1: Create the hanging planter hoop

To start off, cut four 60″ (152cm) lengths of cotton cord.

braiding the hoop to make a hanging planter

Bend the cotton cords in half and find the middle. Measure 2 1/2″ (6cm) from the center point and tape it to your work table. Next, start braiding the cords.

braiding the hoop to make a hanging planter

Braid the cotton cords until you have a 5″ (12cm) braid.

Step 2: Wrap the first color block

Now, bend the braid to create a loop. You can use some tape to hold it while you get the yarn ready!

To wrap the first color block, take the end of the embroidery thread and pinch it to the cotton cords, close to the braided loop. Start wrapping the thread around, making sure you wrap around the end you’re pinching. This will secure the thread and ensure it won’t unravel. Continue wrapping until you want to change colors.

To change colors, simply cut your current thread and start wrapping your new color over the end of the last thread.

Wrap for a couple of inches then tie the last thread tight and cut it short.

Step 3: Knot the hanging planter

how to make a hanging planter by knotting cotton cord

You’ll see 8 lengths of cotton cords coming out of the color block. Group them in pairs, so you now have 4 pairs in front of you. Now, measure 14″ (35.5cm) from the color block and knot each pair together.

I like to measure one pair then use it as a guide for the other pairs. This way I can control more easily how aligned the knots are.

knotting the cotton cord

Next, we’ll create another row of knots 3″ (7.5cm) below. But this time, instead of knotting a pair, we’ll take one cord from each neighboring pair – like in the picture above. This will create a diamond shape pattern with the cotton cords.

Step 4: Create the second color block

wrapping thread to finish the plant hanger

For the second color block, measure 3″ (7.5cm) after the last row of knots. Group all the cords together and start wrapping your embroidery thread around tightly. Change colors regularly as you’re wrapping. This last color block should be between 3 and 4″ (7 to 10cm). Tie off the last thread and, if needed, add a drop of glue.

wrapping thread to finish the plant hanger

Finally, decide how long you want the bottom tassel to be and cut the cotton cords evenly. If you want, you can brush or comb through the cords to achieve a soft tassel.

That’s all! Hook your DIY plant hanger to the ceiling or to the wall and nestle your planter between the cords. They look even better when you make a few at different heights!

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how to make hanging planters with color blocks

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