DIY Embroidered Eyeglass Case Pattern

Learn how to make your own embroidered eyeglasses case with this pattern using simple beginner-friendly stitches!

Here’s a cute project for the summer, to keep crafting even on the go! I don’t know about you my fellow crafters, but I prefer embroidery and fiber art during the warm months. The sunshine, the warm breeze, the flowers blooming all over just make me want to be outdoors – not chained to my worktable doing woodwork or trying to deal with clay drying too fast!

This embroidery design is well within range of even complete beginners. It contains only 2 stitches, straight and backstitch, and works up very fast since it relies on line work rather than filling.

Terracotta is my go-to color but the design would look great in any bright fabric. I can even picture it looking amazing in black and white so head to your fabric stash to pick your favorite color and get stitching!

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Step 1: Embroider the pattern

To start, download the pattern using the form above. Print it and place it on a lightbox or a bright window to trace the design on the cotton fabric.

This is both an embroidery and a sewing pattern at once with the embroidery design placed on the sewing pattern for the eyeglass case. Don’t cut around the case pattern yet, since you’ll need a larger piece of fabric to place it on an embroidery hoop.

Once you’ve traced the pattern, place the fabric flat on a table and put your embroidery hoop on top, centered around the design. Use this as a guide to cut around the hoop with a 2″ (5cm) allowance.

Now, place the fabric over the inner hoop. Add the outer hoop and tighten the screw, gently pulling the fabric until it is perfectly taut over the hoops.

To embroider the design:

Use 2 threads of DMC 3865 (or another similar color) to fill each slanted line with single straight stitches.

Use 3 threads of the same color to backstitch the outline and diagonal lines of the squares.

Step 2: Sew the edges of the case and the lining

When you’re done embroidering, cut the excess cotton fabric around the pattern. Use the printed pattern to cut the same shape in thicker fabric for the eyeglass case lining. I used some waffle weave towel fabric I had leftover from sewing these Unpaper towels, but any type of thick fabric would work. Feel free to dig into your fabric scraps!

Fold over the cotton fabric, right side facing in, and pin the long side and the bottom. Set your sewing machine to a straight stitch and create a seam along these 2 sides.

Repeat these steps on the lining fabric but leave the bottom edge unsewn. This will give you a tube while the cotton fabric is essentially a pocket.

Step 3: Sew the top of the eyeglass case

Pull the cotton pocket inside out so that the embroidered design is facing out. Slide it into the thick fabric tube and line up the top edges. Pin the 2 fabric together and sew around the top.

Step 4: Turn inside out & press

Pull the cotton pocket through the hole at the bottom of the lining tube. While your lining is sticking out of the eyeglass case, sew the bottom shut. Now, push it into the case – it helps if you use a flat object like a ruler to get the lining to flatten properly inside the case!

Spray your case with water to dissolve the water-soluble pen marks and press the case gently with an iron, avoiding the embroidery design. And voila!

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DIY Embroidered Eyeglass Case Pattern



DIY Embroidered Eyeglass Case Pattern

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