DIY T Shirt Yarn Christmas Bauble Upcycle

Need a change this year? Grab your old tree decorations and some t-shirt yarn to make these easy DIY Christmas ornaments!

Whether you want to update your old Christmas baubles or you need to refresh thrifted ornaments, I have an easy idea for you!

This Christmas project is actually a double upcycle if you use your old ornaments and cut up your own DIY t-shirt yarn at home. If you’re short on time, you can always buy it ready-made! Making t-shirt yarn can be tedious so if you’re running on fumes with Christmas celebrations approaching, do yourself a favor and get a few skeins from a shop.

DIY T Shirt Yarn Christmas Bauble Upcycle

If you’re using glitter ornaments like mine, run them under water to remove most of the loose glitter. I didn’t do that and for the next several days I found glitter in the most unlikely places, including my boyfriend’s forehead, so trust me and get rid of the glitter beforehand. Unless you like the unicorn look, which is perfectly understandable.

DIY T Shirt Yarn Christmas Bauble Upcycle

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  • Old Christmas ornaments
  • T-shirt yarn
  • Glue gun
  • Gold paint for the ornament caps (optional)


Step 1: Remove the bauble cap

First, take the cap off your ornaments. On most Christmas baubles, this would be a small metal or plastic cap that comes off easily but sometimes it can be hard to remove. Don’t be afraid to use pliers but be gentle so they don’t break.

Step 2: Wrap the bauble with T-shirt yarn

To start, heat up your glue gun and apply a small dot of hot glue near the top of the naked Christmas ornament. Press the end of the t-shirt yarn into the glue (watch out for the fingers) and hold until the glue cools down to secure the yarn in place.

Hold the ornament in one hand and twist the t-shirt yarn with your other hand. Don’t over-twist it, just a few times is enough. Now, apply a few dots of glue around the ornament and wrap the twisted yarn around.

Continue twisting the t-shirt yarn and gluing it around the ornament like a coil.

Step 3: Secure the yarn when you’re done

Once you’ve wrapped the twisted yarn around the whole ornament, cut the yarn short leaving only a few millimeters.

Add a final drop of hot glue and press the yarn into it to finish this ornament neatly.

And voila! It’s quite a relaxing DIY so pumping out enough ornaments for the whole Christmas tree should make for a cozy afternoon project!

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DIY T Shirt Yarn Christmas Bauble Upcycle



DIY T Shirt Yarn Christmas Bauble Upcycle

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