DIY Woven Rattan Pitcher

Have you seen these beautiful wicker glass pitchers popping up everywhere in the shops and online? If you’ve been loving this trend as much as I have, I have both good and bad news. Bad news first – always – they are seriously overpriced. It’s just a plain water pitcher… The only way I would spend $80+ on a glass jug is if it was Murano glass!! Good news? You can make your own DIY Rattan Pitcher easily.

DIY Woven Rattan Pitcher

This small piece is a great way to start weaving if the craft is new to you since it works up fast. The process is enjoyable and relaxing and you’re bound to feel extra proud of your finished pitcher. Plus it’s got to be a great conversation starter!

DIY Woven Rattan Pitcher

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To make this DIY Rattan Pitcher, you’ll need…

Step 1: Attach the reeds

Before you start, you need to soak a bunch of rattan reeds in water for a minute. This will make the reeds pliable and less likely to break when you bend them. I keep my soaked reeds under a moist towel to keep them from drying while I weave.

To begin, take a long reed and wrap it around the jug, crossing just under the handle. Tie the reed in a loop around the handle to hold it in place. You can also add a dot of hot glue if needed. There will be a long tail hanging, don’t cut it short, you’ll need it for further weaving. Cut 8 lengths of rattan at least 3 times the height of the pitcher. Insert them between the looped reed and the pitcher and spread them around evenly.

Step 2: Start the top weave

Now, carefully bend the 8 reeds in half. Bend them around a pencil or another curve to prevent splintering the reed.

Next, take the long tail from the reed you looped around the pitcher and start weaving it over then under each reed. You bent the 8 vertical reeds in half so you’ll have to weave through 16 reeds before you’re back to your beginning point. Because the number of vertical reeds is even, you’ll have to jump over 2 reeds once you get to where you began – otherwise you’d go over and under the same reeds forever! I do this under the handle because it’s less conspicuous.

Don’t give up if the first few rounds look like a complete mess that can’t possibly be salvaged! It’s normal, keep weaving and push the weaving reed up if you see any gaps. It will start getting in shape pretty soon!!

As you’re working, gently spread the vertical reeds apart evenly.

Weaving the top of the DIY Rattan Pitcher

Weave around for an inch (2.5cm) before you stop. To secure the reed, slide it under another reed and cut it short.

Step 3: Create the open weave

Next, take a new reed and bend it in half. Cross 2 vertical reeds and insert them in the loop, like in the picture above. Twist the long reed twice and insert the next 2 vertical reeds, also crossed, before twisting twice again. Continue this open weave pattern around the pitcher.

Cutting the rattan reed short

When you get to the beginning point, weave the ends of the reed into the initial loop and cut them short.

Introducing the second row of open weaving

To create a second row, cross the vertical reeds again one inch (2.5cm) below using the same twisting technique.

Step 4: Start the bottom weave

To create the weave at the bottom of the pitcher, take a new reed and insert it into the last twisted row you just finished. This will secure the reed while you weave the first row. Bring the long reed into a horizontal position and weave over then under, like in the pictures above. Once you have gone around a few times, remove the end of the reed you had inserted in the row above and cut it short.

Remember to jump over 2 reeds under the handle, like you did for the top weave.

From this point, you’ll weave all the way to the bottom of the pitcher so there’s a good chance you’ll run out of rattan. When you do, simply park your current reed under a vertical reed and cut it short. Next, insert your new reed under the same vertical reed and continue weaving.

Step 5: Finishing the DIY Rattan Pitcher border

Finally, when you to the bottom edge of the pitcher, weave your long reed under another and cut it short. You’ll still have the vertical reeds poking out though.

Weaving the border of the DIY Rattan Pitcher

Start by dipping the bottom of the pitcher in water. The vertical reeds have probably dried up by now so you need to soak them again. To create a border, gently work a reed into a bend. Bring it in front of the next reed and then toward the back. If it’s too short to stay in place, add a dot of hot glue. Work this way around the pitcher until all the vertical reeds have been bent into a woven border.

That’s all! Cut the loop around the handle and give your pitcher a good clean inside before you use it because it might contain tiny bits of rattan. If you want to darken your DIY Rattan Pitcher, you can use coffee or tea as a stain. I use very strong coffee brushed directly onto the reeds. Let the rattan soak up the coffee for 10 minutes before rinsing the pitcher clean, and voila!

Let me know what you think of this DIY Rattan Pitcher in the comments below!

DIY Woven Rattan Pitcher

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