DIY woven raffia coasters with pompoms

If you’ve been reading Very Liv for a while, you know I love weaving and working with natural materials. It’s one of my favorite crafts, with the process being as enjoyable as the outcome. It’s quasi-therapeutic! I know weaving can seem intimidating at first – like tapestry and basketry is the realm of expert weavers who keep ancestral secrets – but not at all. It’s a very accessible craft and even beginners can produce amazing creations! This DIY Raffia Coasters idea is a project beginners and expert weavers alike can enjoy.

DIY Woven Raffia Coasters with Pompom Trim

This easy intro to weaving is a quick craft idea you can make in one afternoon. All you need is some bamboo skewers and a bunch of natural raffia. If you prepare the bamboo frame beforehand, you could even bring this as a picnic craft to busy your hands while enjoying a day out.

DIY Woven Raffia Coasters with Pompom Trim

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For these DIY Raffia Coasters, you’ll need…

Step 1: Prepare the bamboo weaving frame

DIY woven raffia coasters with pompoms

To create these woven coasters, start by cutting 2 bamboo skewers in half. Place them on each side of another (uncut) skewer to form a 6-point star shape. Add a dot of glue in the middle to secure the star. Once the glue has cooled down, turn the star frame around and add another dot of hot glue in the middle to make sure the frame is strong.

Create as many bamboo frames as you need coasters.

Step 2: Weave the DIY raffia coasters

To start weaving, take a long piece of raffia and glue it to the center of the bamboo frame. Loop the raffia around one bamboo stick, crossing in front and not at the back. Bring the raffia to the next bamboo stick and loop it around again.

Weaving the DIY Raffia Coasters

Continue this looping pattern around the bamboo frame, looping around each bamboo stick in a continuous motion. It’s very easy to get the hang of this and works up so fast once you going!

If you run out of raffia, simply tie or glue the end and add a new length in. The joint will be almost invisible to the eye.

Step 3: Trim the bamboo short

Cutting the DIY Raffia Coasters bamboo frame short

Once you’ve reached a size that suits you, cut the excess bamboo short, as close to the raffia as possible. Add a dot of hot glue if needed, to secure the raffia.

My coasters are 4 1/2 ” (11.5 to 12cm) which is a pretty standard size for coasters. You could make a larger one to create a glasses and pitcher set!

Step 4: Add the pompom trim

Finally, apply a line of glue at the back of the woven coaster, right at the edge. Press in the pompom trim, placing it mostly under the coaster so that only the pompoms peek out from underneath. Work your way around the coaster and cut the trim short when you’ve glued the last edge.

Don’t feel bound by the pompom trim, if you don’t feel like purchasing some, you can try crocheting the border with raffia. I almost went down this route but I REALLY wanted to use my bright yellow trim – it looks so summery!!

And voila! Your coasters are ready, right on time for blissfully warm weather. Fresh lemonade anyone??

DIY Woven Raffia Coasters with Pompom Trim

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