DIY Clay and Raffia Lamp

Upcycle old glass bottles to create this DIY terracotta lamp with a raffia lampshade!

Finally! I’ve been wanting to make a terracotta lamp for months. I initially fell in love with a clay and raffia lamp I found online but oh boy the $200 price tag was more than off-putting. That was for ONE lamp, and I needed a pair for our bedside tables…

This DIY dupe can be made for the price of a packet of air-dry clay. Salvage the socket from an old lamp and upcycle thrifted lampshades and this Terracotta Lamp comes out at about $10! Not accounted for: fun and slightly messy clay crafting.

Ceramic lamp with raffia lampshade

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Materials & tools

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How to make a DIY terracotta lamp

Step 1: Shape the terracotta clay around the bottle

Wrap the bottle in terracotta clay

To start off, roll out the entire packet of terracotta air-dry clay. Place your glass bottle on top and wrap it in clay.

Shape the clay around the bottle until it is fully covered. Smooth down the clay to remove joints and wrinkles. When you’re done, go over the whole lamp base with your fingers and push the clay in very lightly to create indents.

Smooth the terracotta clay with wet fingers

Finally, dip your fingertips in water and rub the clay to smooth it down. Leave the clay to dry for at least a day.

Tip: cracking can happen. If it does, just fill up the cracks with a small amount of fresh clay and blend the edges into the drying clay. You’ll notice a difference in color but once fully dry, it will be invisible.

Step 2: Wrap the lampshade with raffia

Next, grab a bundle of raffia and loosen the fibers. I’ve tried different ways to wrap the raffia around the lampshades and this is the most time-efficient method I found:

Start by gluing a small bunch of raffia strands to the top of the lampshade. Pull the raffia tightly down the lampshade and glue the strands to the bottom rim. Continue gluing raffia around the top and bottom of the lampshade. Finally, cut the bottom of the strands short. Add a line of glue on the inside of the lampshade, at the bottom, and fold the strands over.

Step 3: Assemble the terracotta lamp

Attach the lamp kit onto the terracotta lamp base

Finally, attach your lamp kit to the top of the terracotta lamp base. Mine was a simple light bulb socket with a power cord so I just glued it in place. Install your raffia lampshade and voila!

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DIY Clay and Raffia Lamp

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