DIY colorful boho napkin ring on a table with a turquoise tablecloth

It may be a tad hopeful but I’m already thinking about spring, being outdoors more often, and eating lunch in the sun. It’s not even warm outside! Regardless, I’m preparing for Easter, the prospect of blooming flowers, and more sunny days. I’ve even made Easter eggs microgreen planters and it’s been blissful watching them grow! In that spirit, I’m sharing these colorful DIY Napkin Rings made from 100% cotton.

When I feel the end of winter coming, I always start adding touches of color to my decor. I’m planning a bright spring tablescape full of flowers and greenery and these eye candies would be the perfect Easter napkin rings to go with my new rainbow napkins! If you also need more color NOW, scroll down to find out how to make these napkin rings.

DIY boho napkin rings on a white linen napkin

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For these DIY Napkin Rings, you’ll need…

Step 1: Cut the cotton cord

To begin, cut the cotton cord. You need eight 15″ (38cm) lengths to make one napkin ring. That’s providing you’re using a 3mm thick cord. If your cord has a different thickness, add or remove lengths of cord until the bunch is about the diameter of your pinky. I do have slightly fat fingers so you’ll probably have to make it the diameter of one of your larger fingers…

Step 2: Start wrapping!

Once you have gathered all the cotton cords that are needed, take a piece of embroidery thread and pinch both the thread and the cords 4″ (10cm) away from the ends of the cords. Start wrapping and make sure you wrap over the end of the thread you are pinching.

To make it easy, measure 4″ on the other side of the cords too, and add a clip or a bit of washi tape to mark where you should stop wrapping.

wrap the DIY Napkin Rings with cotton thread

To change colors, stop wrapping and pinch your current thread. Pinch a new thread in a different color and start wrapping over both pinched threads.

It can get a little mentally demanding to keep track of where threads are and avoid them getting tangled. I actually prefer cutting the current thread short when I want to add a new color. That way I’m always just dealing with one thread at a time.

Step 3: Join the DIY napkin ring

When you’ve wrapped around the cords until you met the mark 4″ away from the end of the cords, it’s time to join your napkin ring! Before you do, grab a pair of scissors and cut 3 cords short, right under the wrapped threads. Do this on both sides. This will prevent the joint from being bulgy compared to the ring.

join the DIY Napkin Rings

Next, press your cotton cords together and wrap some embroidery floss tightly around. Try to wrap as high as you can to hide the cotton cords.

knot the DIY Napkin Rings

Continue wrapping and swapping colors for one inch (2.5cm) then stop and tie the last thread around tightly.

Step 4: Create the napkin ring tassel

DIY Napkin Rings tassel

To turn the ends of the cotton cords into a tassel, you need to unravel the cotton fibers. You can use a comb or your fingers. Then, brush the fibers until they’re soft and fluffy.

DIY Napkin Rings tassel

To finish, cut the ends of the tassel evenly so the tassel is 2″ (5cm) long.

That’s all! These spring napkin rings work up very quickly, especially once you get the hang of wrapping. You can easily make enough for the whole table in one afternoon, sitting in the sun (with sunscreen!).

What colors would you pick for these DIY napkin rings?

colorful DIY napkin rings on a white linen napkin

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