DIY Jewelry Holder

Rattan is everywhere, furniture, decoration, accessories… I’m overjoyed because I love this material. It has that elegant boho vibe with a touch of vintage. I’ve been experimenting to combine rattan with interesting texture for contrast and it’s every bit what I imagined! This DIY Jewelry Holder uses bicarbonate of soda mixed in paint to achieve a rough stone-like texture. Scroll down to find out how to make this striking jewelry bowl.

DIY Jewelry Holder with rattan handles

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For this DIY Jewelry Holder, you’ll need…

  • Air-dry clay (I used this one, never fails me)
  • Thin rattan reeds or natural raffia
  • Matte off-white paint
  • Bicarbonate of soda

Step 1: Shape the jewelry holder plate

shaping the Jewelry Holder from clay

To begin, soften the clay by kneading it and roll it out. I’m using this terracotta because I love working with it but you can use any type of clay. You’ll paint the dish anyway so the color doesn’t matter.

shaping the Jewelry Holder from clay

Use a 7 or 8″ plate or serving bowl as a guide to trace a large circle onto the clay. Cut around the plate with a knife and remove the excess clay.

making holes for the handles in the the Jewelry Holder

Next, pierce holes with a bamboo skewer. You need to make 2 pairs of holes on opposing sides of the circle (2 holes for each handle).

drying the DIY Jewelry Holder

When you’re done, place the clay circle in a large mixing bowl. This will provide some shape to the trinket dish while it dries.

Step 2: Paint the plate

painting the DIY Jewelry Holder with baking soda paint

The clay should dry for at least a day. Turn it over every now and then to help drying on all sides.

Once it’s dry, paint the dish white. I’m using matte off-white paint with bicarbonate of soda to give it a lovely grainy texture! To make it, mix 1/3 cup of paint with a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda. Test it out on a piece of cardboard to make sure the texture is right for you: slowly add more bicarbonate to make the paint grainier or add more paint to make it smoother.

Let the paint dry well and add another coat if needed.

Step 3: Weave the rattan handles

While the paint is drying, soak a few lengths of rattan reeds. Rattan needs to soak in water to make it pliable and to prevent breakage when you’re weaving the reeds. I love working with rattan. It’s a quality material that’s very affordable and you can craft so many amazing things with it!

If you can’t get rattan reeds, make the handles with raffia using the tutorial below. The overall look of the finished dish would be very similar!

weaving the DIY Jewelry Holder rattan handles

To start, insert a rattan reed with each end of the reed going into one hole. Keep a loop of rattan poking out, that’s the handle you’ll weave around.

weaving the DIY Jewelry Holder rattan handles

Next, take one end of the reed and insert it into the opposing hole, again keeping a loop of reed poking out. Repeat with the other end. You should have 3 loops of rattan making up the handle.

weaving the DIY Jewelry Holder rattan handles

Now, take one end of rattan reed and start wrapping it around the 3 loops. Work your way up the handle and keep wrapping until you run out of reed.

When you can’t go any further, stick your reed at the back of the handle. You can use a clip to hold it in place if needed. Now, take the other end of the rattan reed and start wrapping the handle from the other end. Work your way up and wrap around the previous reed. To finish the handle, add a drop of hot glue to hold the reed in place.

earrings and bracelets in the DIY Jewelry Holder with rattan handles

Repeat the steps for the other handle and you’re done! I love the contrast between the smooth rattan and the textured dish. This is a very sculptural bowl that works especially well with jewelry. Hope you enjoyed it!

What do you think of this DIY Jewelry Holder? Wouldn’t it make a cool handmade gift?

DIY trinket dish with rattan handles

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