DIY Gift Tags with Air Dry Clay

Add a natural touch to your presents this year with these DIY Christmas gift tags made from terracotta!

Gift-giving is the Marmite equivalent of Christmas time. You either love it and turn into a (slightly rabid) project manager with charts, trackers, and schedules or you hate it – it’s stressful and you’d rather curl up in bed than even begin to contemplate how to go about it.

I LOVE it. I’m that rabid project manager… 😬 And yes, I make PowerPoints and Excel sheets to keep track but to be fair, I used to be an actual project manager!

If you’re also part of team Gift, you probably get a delightful kick every year looking for new ways to wrap your carefully chosen picks. Gift wraps, ribbons, bows, gift tags, you know the gift opening experience matters just as much as the present itself.

DIY Terracotta Clay Christmas Gift Tags

These DIY Christmas gift tags are the perfect touch to personalize your presents. They’re made from natural air-dry terracotta clay and they’re so easy to create, you’ll have crafted a batch in no time! Read on to find out how to make them 💚

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To make these DIY Gift Tags, you’ll need…

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Step 1: Roll out the air dry clay

Rolling out the terracotta air dry clay with a rolling pin

To start, roll out the terracotta air-dry clay with a rolling pin to a thickness of about 1/8″ (4mm).

Tip: If you’re crafting these DIY gift tags for the holiday season in the northern hemisphere, you may notice that the air-dry clay could be hard to roll out due to the cold. Kneading it a little helps soften it, so play around with it a little beforehand. It’ll definitely help roll it out!

Step 2: Cut out the DIY gift tags

Cutting out the DIY Christmas gift tags into the clay

Once you’ve rolled the clay, use a cookie cutter to cut out neat shapes into the clay.

I used a 1 3/4″ (4.5cm) circular cookie cutter. I found this size was small enough for a gift tag while providing enough space for most words I wanted to emboss.

If you own a set of cookie cutters with different shapes, feel free to try Christmas tree or reindeer-shaped gift tags!!

Piercing holes into the DIY Christmas gift tags with a bamboo skewer

When you’ve cut enough shapes, use a bamboo skewer to create small holes at the top of the gift tag, for the ribbons and ties.

Step 3: Emboss the gift tags with a letter stamp

Using a letter stamp to emboss the DIY Christmas gift tags

Finally, use your set of letter stamps to emboss the gift tags with words.

Stamp the tags with the names of your family members or emboss the clay with hopeful and loving words that will spread a bit of cheer 💚

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DIY Terracotta Clay Christmas Gift Tags

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