DIY Fabric Scrap Notebook

Looking for easy handmade gifts? Make these DIY fabric notebooks with fabric scraps!

What better way to spread some joy than a handmade gift? No amount of money can replace the love and attention you put into crafting unique creations. I’m always so grateful to receive handmade gifts, and I love making them even more!

These cute DIY notebooks make the perfect stocking fillers or thank you presents. They’re just the right size and thickness to slip in a bag for scribbling notes on the go. And you can pick different fabrics to suit the style of your family and friends!

DIY Fabric Scrap Notebook

All you need to start is some cardstock, white glue, fabric scraps, and a few sheets of plain paper. Make sure you use heavyweight cardstock to prevent buckling when you glue the fabric. This tutorial will show you how to bind your notebook easily with some embroidery floss. For a sweet touch, try to match the colors of the thread and the cardstock with an accent color on the fabric you use!

DIY Fabric Scrap Notebook

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To make these DIY Fabric Notebooks, you’ll need…

Step 1: Create the notebook cover

Applying glue on cardstock to create the DIY fabric notebook cover

To start, cut a letter-sized (A4) cardstock sheet in half to obtain a half-letter (A5) piece of cardstock.

Brush the whole surface of your cardstock with a thin layer of white glue. Keep a light hand, too much glue will make the paper wavy after drying!

Smoothing the fabric over cardstock to create the DIY fabric notebook cover

Now, place your piece of fabric over the glue and press with your hands to smooth the fabric over the cardstock. Let the glue dry fully – or for the impatient crafters, use a hairdryer and be done with it in minutes!

Once dry, trim the excess fabric. And voila, your notebook cover is ready!

Tip: if the fabric-covered cardstock starts buckling as it dries, use a hot iron to flatten it – it works like a charm.

Step 2: Pierce holes for the binding

Creating holes for the DIY fabric notebook binding

Now, cut 4 sheets of letter-sized (A4) paper in half. Fold each half-letter (A5) sheet in half and nestle them into each other to create a booklet.

Place this blank booklet into the fabric notebook cover and use a pair of sharp scissors to pierce through the layers. Create 3 holes for the binding, making sure they also pierce through the fabric.

Step 3: Bind the notebook

To bind the DIY fabric notebook, thread a needle with embroidery floss. Open the notebook and push the needle through the middle hole, leaving a long tail of thread hanging. Pull it out and insert it into the bottom binding hole. Now, loop the needle back into the middle hole. Once out on the other side, push it into the top hole.

Binding the DIY fabric notebook with thread

Finally, remove the needle and tie the 2 hanging tails into a tight knot. Cut the embroidery floss short.

Close your notebook and, if needed, use a craft knife to equalize the notebook’s border for neat book-like edges.

Tip: if some fabric threads are unraveling along the edges, dip your brush into the glue and apply along the edges to prevent fraying. Keep the notebook open while the glue dries, otherwise, the page might stick to the cover!

And voila! Place your notebooks under a heavy weight for a few hours to make sure they’re perfectly flat. Finally a use for my abandoned gym weights…

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DIY Fabric Scrap Notebook

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