DIY Christmas Star Tree Topper with Raffia

Grab your raffia to craft this easy DIY Christmas star tree topper for a Very Boho Christmas!

Dreaming of a natural Christmas? I’ve been trying to make our Christmas celebrations a little greener this year by upcycling old ornaments, making garlands instead of using tinsel, reducing waste (check out my zero-waste Christmas crackers!) and using natural materials, like raffia.

Make sure you buy natural raffia for this project. Raffia comes from the leaves of palm trees and is a sustainable material. You can find synthetic raffia for sale but it’s neither recyclable nor renewable!

DIY Christmas Star Tree Topper

All you need to make this DIY Christmas tree topper is raffia and metal wire for the structure. Don’t forget to grab my Christmas star template.

If you don’t have a printer or don’t want to print it, open the PDF and max out your screen backlight to use the monitor as a light box – you’ll be able to trace the star on a piece of scrap paper instead!

DIY Christmas Star Tree Topper

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For this DIY Christmas Star Tree Topper, you’ll need…

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Step 1: Braid the raffia strands

To start off, pick a bunch of raffia strands from your bundle. It could get a little messy since raffia tends to tangle easily. Try to comb the strands with your fingers and bring a slight sense of order to it but don’t worry about too much!

Braiding raffia strands for the DIY Christmas star tree topper

Knot the top of the strands together and start a simple braid. Don’t tighten it, it should be quite loose and approximately the thickness of a thumb. It helps if you hook the top knot to a nail or hold it down with a clip.

If the raffia runs out, just insert a new bunch and continue braiding.

When you’re braided about 40″ (1m) – it works up fast due to the thickness of the braid! – tie a new knot. Then use a pair of scissors to clean up loose strands poking out;

Step 2: Form the metal wire star

Now, tape your template to your worktable and bend the metal wire around to shape the Christmas star structure, leaving long tails at the beginning and end of the star.

Closing the metal structure for the DIY Christmas star tree topper

To finish the star, twist the 2 long tails together. Leave another 8 to 10″ (20 to 25cm) of metal wire (you’ll wrap this tail around the top of the tree!) then cut it short with a pair of pliers.

Step 3: Glue the raffia braid around the Christmas star structure

Before you start, cut the top knot of the raffia braid and add a line of hot glue to create a neat end.

Gluing the raffia onto the Christmas star tree topper

At the back of the braid, add a line of hot glue and press the raffia onto the metal structure, starting at the bottom of the Christmas star.

Hold the braid for a few seconds until the glue cools down.

Shaping the raffia corners of the Christmas star tree topper

Now, pinch the braid with your fingers to create a sharp bend and glue the back of the braid onto the star.

Continue working by gluing small segments of the star until you’ve gone around and reached the last segment.

Pinch the braid and cut it short so that you have just enough raffia to finish the last segment. Add a line of glue to the end of the braid to prevent unraveling. Finally, add glue to the back and press the braid onto the last segment of the star.

Wrap the long metal tail around the topmost branch of your Christmas tree and voila!

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DIY Christmas Star Tree Topper

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