DIY bamboo plant stand on woven mat

It might come as a shock but I didn’t own power tools until recently. In fact, I’m still in my tool acquisition phase – meaning my letter to Santa is very Ryobi-focused. For years, I used to eyeball amazing DIYs on Pinterest wondering whether I could pull them off with my most advanced tool, a serrated kitchen knife. These days, I have enough tools to make just about anything but I like to challenge myself to make things without power tools to keep my DIYs as accessible as possible. Latest challenge: can you make a DIY plant stand without power tools?

YES, yes you can! Leaning on the current rattan aesthetic, this DIY plant stand works up quickly. The funny thing is, if you don’t have a handsaw, you CAN actually use a serrated knife (provided it’s a solid one). I tried, it’s not as convenient as a saw but it’s doable!

DIY bamboo plant stand

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For this DIY Plant Stand, you’ll need…

Step 1: Cut the bamboo pieces

Cutting a bamboo stake with a handsaw

To begin, cut your bamboo stake into the following pieces:

  • 4 pieces: 8″ (20cm) long
  • 1 piece: 7 1/2 ” (19cm) long
  • 2 pieces: 3 1/2 ” (9cm) long
  • 1 piece: 4″ (10cm) long

These dimensions will fit a plant pot as wide as 7 1/2 ” (19cm). You can adapt this project to fit any pot you want, simply adjust the height of the vertical posts and the width of the horizontal support.

Step 2: Assemble the DIY plant stand

Assembling the central support for the DIY Plant Stand

To assemble the DIY plant stand, start with the central support, the part on which your plant pot will rest. Take the 7 1/2 ” (19cm) piece and lay it flat in front of you. Place the two 3 1/2 ” (9cm) on each side to create a cross shape. Glue the 2 pieces in the middle of the long piece of bamboo.

Tip: don’t be shy with the hot glue. These joints will be wrapped with rattan so the glue will be hidden anyway.

Gluing the legs of the DIY Plant Stand

Next, take the four 8″ (20cm) bamboo pieces and glue them vertically onto the cross to assemble the plant stand. I first marked out the middle to make sure I glued them all at the same height.

Strengthening the central post of the DIY Plant Stand

Finally, glue the remaining 4″ (10cm) on the cross, along the 2 pieces (not along the long piece). This will help strengthen the cross to bear the weight of the plant pot.

Step 3: Bind the plant stand legs with rattan

You might notice that the glue isn’t a strong binder for bamboo, the plant stand would be very wobbly if you stopped there. The point of the glue is simply to assemble the shape of the plant stand before you use rattan to solidly bind the pieces together.

Rattan is a very resistant material, just look at cane furniture. They’re consolidated with a few nails here and there but mostly, held together by rattan binding.

Wrapping the DIY Plant Stand bamboo legs with rattan

The first important step is to bind the legs. Start by wrapping a rattan reed around the central support, working toward the leg.

Once you get to the leg, wrap the reed around it a few times. Make sure to bind the leg tightly so that the rattan isn’t loose around it. After wrapping around the leg, bring the reed back to the central support cross and wrap it toward the middle of the plant stand before tieing the reed and cutting it short. Add some hot glue to secure the end.

Tip: regularly add a few dots of glue under the rattan reed as you wrap to strengthen the binding.

Step 4: Weave a God’s Eye in the middle

Next, bind the central support with a God’s Eye knot. It’s an impressive knot that’s way easier than it looks.

Start by gluing the end of a rattan reed on top of the cross. Loop the reed around the right bamboo post. Next, bring the reed toward the top and loop it around the top bamboo post. Now, bring the reed to the left and loop it around the left-most post. Finally, bring the rattan reed down to loop it around the bottom bamboo post. Continue this pattern 6 or 7 times until you have a woven square about 2″ (5cm) wide.

Tie the end of the rattan reed and glue it in place to finish the knot.

Step 5: Wrap the top & bottom of the legs

Wrapping the plant stand legs with rattan

To give a finished look to the legs, wrap some rattan around both the top and bottom of the bamboo posts.

Step 6: Stain the DIY plant stand

Staining the DIY Plant Stand with Oak wood stain

Finally, brush a coat of medium oak wood stain over the whole plant stand and let it dry.

And voila! A Boho plant stand for the patio or even the living room – no power tool involved!

Bamboo is an incredibly strong material, it’s traditionally used to make scaffolding in Asia so you can bet it will hold a planter. My DIY plant stand is currently handling a rather heavy pot-in-a-pot situation without any issue!

Let me know what you think of this DIY Plant Stand in the comments below!

DIY bamboo plant stand

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