Salt and Pepper Cellar

Ever scrambled around the whole kitchen to find the salt shaker? We’ve all been there. Ok, so maybe I could do with a bit of kitchen reorganization but what I need in my life right now is a Salt & Pepper Cellar! Like any crafter, I figured I’d make my own and since I had full creative freedom, I realized just salt and pepper wasn’t going to cut it. So I added a cellar hole for an extra spice – I guess it’s technically a Salt, Pepper & Spice-You-Can’t-Live-Without Cellar!!

Black Clay Salt and Pepper Cellar with Lid

I have no idea why but pinching spices just makes you feel like a food goddess. To heck with measuring spoons!

This Salt & Pepper Cellar is crafted from natural air-dry clay which is non-toxic. If you feel like it, you could also give the cellar holes a coating of food-safe varnish.

Black Clay Salt and Pepper Cellar with Lid

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To make a DIY Salt & Pepper Cellar, you’ll need…

Step 1: Create the Salt and Pepper Cellar base

Start by rolling out a large piece of black clay to a thickness of 3/4″ (2cm). Using a cookie cutter, create 3 circular holes in the clay.

Cutting away excess clay to create the base of the Salt & Pepper Cellar

Using a ruler, create a rectangle around the 3 holes and cut away the excess clay with a sharp knife.

Next, roll out another ball of clay into a 1/4″ (5mm) thick shape. Place the piece of clay with the holes cut out on top of this new shape and cut away the clay on all 4 sides. These 2 pieces together form the base of the salt and pepper cellar.

Scoring the clay helps join the shapes to create the base of the Salt & Pepper Cellar

To properly join the 2 pieces, use a knife to score inside the 3 holes. Dip your fingers in some water and smooth the sides to hide the joint between the pieces. You can also use water to smooth the clay if you see cracks or irregularities.

Step 2: Create the cellar lid

Now, roll out another piece into a 1/4″ (5mm) thick shape. Place the cellar base on top to act as a guide and cut away the excess clay to create the cellar lid.

Next, roll out the remaining clay. Cut 3 disks that are slightly smaller than the cookie cutter you used earlier. Score the underside of the disks and press them into the cellar lid.

At this point, you can also create a knob or a handle for the lid. I shaped a cubic pull about 1/2″ (1.2cm) tall.

Step 3: Sand smooth

Sand the Salt & Pepper Cellar pieces smooth

Once the clay pieces have dried thoroughly (which can take a few days due to the thickness of the base), use a sanding block to smooth the cellar. Equalize the pieces until you’re happy with the way they fit together.

Step 4: Add a knob to the lid

Add a pull to the Salt & Pepper Cellar lid

When you’re done sanding your pieces, add a drop of glue to the handle/ pull and press it into the top of the cellar lid.

And voila! Add your favorite salt and pepper or whatever your spices of choice are into the cellar holes and off you go pinching your way to great food.

Let me know what you think of this DIY Salt & Pepper Cellar in the comments below!

Black Clay Salt and Pepper Cellar with Lid

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