Hi, I'm Liv

I created Very Liv to share accessible DIY projects and Home Decorating ideas.

I’m very aware that we all have our own set of circumstances and beliefs in life. Maybe you’re juggling family and work and have little time to spare for crafting. Or you might want to stay within a set budget so it’s important to know the cost upfront. Perhaps you love to DIY but you don’t own any power tools! That was me a few years ago: drooling all over Pinterest only to be disappointed when I realised all those projects needed power tools and I had none!! And finally, a growing part of us are concerned about the environment and want to find sustainable Home Decoration projects, using green materials or upcycling old furniture.

Since I strongly believe anyone can DIY, I built Very Liv as an inclusive platform where you can find DIY, Crafts and Home Decoration projects no matter your situation.

Every project I share on Very Liv is tagged in 4 categories:

Time Needed

Do you only have a few minutes or the whole weekend? Find projects from under 30 minutes to a day


Browse projects by cost and stay within budget!

Sustainable DIY

Committed to sustainability? Find upcycles, furniture flips, and projects using green materials

Difficulty Level

No power tools? No problem! Find easy peasy DIY and crafts you can create without power tools

I hope you enjoy and come back often!